• All commissions are meant for personal use only.
  • I prefer to be allowed artistic liberty/freedom with your commission. I will send updates throughout the process to be approved, but if you are some one who is very particular about the final result (which is fine!) I may not be the right fit for you.
  • As a client you may ... print your commission for personal use, crop/resize, post to your own social media/website/use for personal promotion(ie; twitch streams) WITH CREDIT

  • As a client you NOT ... resell my work for the purpose of profit without my express written permission from me, a contract, and commercial rights payment. This includes physical and digital goods. You may NOT use my work for any blockchain, NFT, or AI training purposes.
  • I, as the artist may ... maintain rights to the work in any form, post to my social media/websites, turn down commissions for any reason.
  • While I do not mind conducting communication in a friendly manner, please remember that this is a professional business exchange and to treat it as such. Please be respectful of my personal boundaries, any overstepping of such will result in immediate cancellation and block. I am here to provide a service, which does not include entitlement to my personal time and friendship.
  • All payments are taken through paypal invoice.
  • Payment should preferably be made upfront, however if a payment plan is needed for commission work exceeding $200+ a payment plan may be worked out.
  • I will not start work until it is I receive the complete payment.
  • Once your commission has been started your commission is nonrefundable.
  • If I, for any reason, need to back out of your commission you will be issued a full refund but may not be able to use any of the work completed.
  • Any unprompted chargebacks will be disputed.
  • WIPs can be requested at any time. I typically send frequent WIP updates.
  • I will only allow up to 2 major edits during the sketch phase. Any major edits past this will result in an additional charge depending on the complexity of the edit request. (A "major" edit entails things such as complete composition changes, pose changes, etc)
  • Minor tweaks and changes such as colors or small details may be permitted throughout the process, but complex overhaul changes will result in additional charges.
  • I will only make small fixes to the finished product if there was something I personally missed. If details are missed due to them not being mentioned or included in references, there will be an additional charge to add them.


  • Depending on complexity, your commission may take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks to complete.
  • If for whatever reason I have to exceed this timeline I will communicate this swiftly.
  • I will not accept commissions with strict deadlines that are shorter than my estimated time frame.