Q: How long will Ghostcats be available?

A: For as long as people are still interested in purchasing them or until I feel it is time to move on from the project.

Q: When will you be doing another preorder round?

A: I do not have a set schedule as to how frequently preorder rounds will open, it is entirely dependent on how quickly I can manage prior orders and stock. Drops will be posted ahead of time on social media and through the newsletter.

Q: Will [color] ever come back?

A: Unless a specific color is listed as seasonal/limited, all current colors are permanent (Black, pink)

Q: Do you plan to add more colors?

A: Yes, more colors and seasonal variations will be released overtime. 

Q: How big are the Ghostcats?

A: They are 12 inches/31cm not including ears.

Q: Why are the listings only available for short amounts of time?

A: I am only able to physically store so many plushies at a time since they take up a lot of space, so I cap the orders after it reaches a set order limit. The demand is very high so they tend to sell out extremely fast.  

Q: I missed out on the last preorder, can I reserve one?

A: Due to high demand I do not allow reservations.